Atheist superheroes

Here’s an interesting site I came across today, which describes in detail the religious affiliation of different superheroes. Most interesting to me is how light the atheist section is. I am glad, however, that Savage Dragon is in there. He’s an atheist DESPITE the fact he’s actually met God, which is the ballsiest position I’ve ever seen on the issue of belief.

The list is quite impressive, including even a section for Scientologists (with a robot named ‘L-Ron’), Objectivists superheroes (with The Watchman’s Rorschach) and even a few Wiccans tossed in for good measure.

Personally, the most annoyingly religious on that list has to be Superman. I mean, here’s a guy from another planet who believes in Jesus. Well, where was he when your planet was obliterated as your red Sun went supernova buddy? I guess the fact is he’s designed to be a kind of messiah himself, having the powers of a God, and returning from the dead after the sacrifice of his own life to save humanity. Newsflash Clark: you are God!

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    Eh, he was raised by traditional midwestern parents. Not so surprising. Cool list though.

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    Joe Botelho

    If your an athiest in the Marvel or DC universe then your a complete moron.
    Thor, Zeus and Hercules are all living and breathing people in these universe. There is a ton of evidence that theres a God like being, so unlike in real life athiesm is a sign of crazy in the comic book universe.

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