The Good Atheist 039

It’s our first week trying to recruit new patrons, and this episode we talk about whether or not I’m an atheist stereotype. Also on the agenda is the latest bit of gossip concerning the Atheist Bus Ad campaign, and let’s not forget about Congressman Pete Stark, the first openly agnostic/atheist in da house! It’s 32 minutes of good times.

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    Doug Kerr

    Hey guys, first of all I enjoy your podcast, although a it’s little frustrating with the irregular broadcasts. I am sorry to say that I will not becoming a supporter of the podcast as a patron. I listen to many “atheist” podcasts and yours is probably the least entertaining. You never have guests, or interesting news I haven’t heard on other podcasts, ie) Freethought radio, the atheist Experience, and the Non-Prophets podcast. Jacob, why don’t you follow the model that the author Scott Sigler pioneered.Podcast for free, then write a book, sell the book as well as continue to podcast for free. I have listened to Sigler for years and also purchase his four books he has published. He still gives it all away for free. I will continue to listen to your free podcast and I WILL buy your book when it is available. I do appreciate the work you do with the podcast, and I realize you recieve no remuneration for your efforts. Keep up the free podcast and you will gain a loyal following, that will result in many copies of you book being purchased. all the best to you guys and I will wait for the next podcast.

    Doug Kerr
    Yorkton Saskatchewan, Canada

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    Jacob Fortin

    Hi Doug,

    sorry you don’t like the show enough to support it. With that said, you can continue to enjoy the free weekly podcast, and obviously have no need for the second one!

    As for writing a book, it’s a good model, but I’m already writing one and have no interest in becoming a fiction author. Luckily for me, there are plenty of fans that have already offered to become a member, and that’s good enough for me.

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    So I really enjoy your podcasts and will more than likely become a patron. But just so you’re aware, you’re not the first atheist podcast to try to get paid subscribers. The infidel guy has done this in the past but isn’t doing so well under the poor economic conditions today. He also charged quite a bit more than you’re proposing and relies more on guests rather than just discussing atheism.

    I really hope your plans work out and will try to support the both of you! 🙂
    Your podcast is way more entertaining.

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