How well do I fit the atheist stereotype?

Atheist Revolution just put up a list of the common stereotypes of atheists. It’s not a bad list, but looking at it, I realize that I am myself quite the little stereotype. Here are the qualities I possess:

  • I am politically very liberal.
  • I guess I do hate Christianity, although I will admit that I don’t hate Christians.
  • I can be grump, but on me, it’s charming.
  • I am prideful, and humility is not my strength.
  • I am sexually promiscuous, at least when I’m single and on the prowl.
  • I am more interested in science than the average person.

Luckily, here are some qualities that I lack:

  • I’m not evil, as far as I know.
  • I’m not militant, since I hate all militant organizations.
  • I’m not angry. I mentioned grumpy, but the cute kind.
  • I’m not mean or stingy, or generally horrible, unless I’m drinking.
  • I’m not immoral, nor do I lack hope.
  • And lastly, I don’t trample people’s right of free religious expression, even though it’s always very tempting to do so.

Well, I guess I’m only partially a stereotype, so I don’t feel too bad. What about you guys? How do you rank?

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    Jim Royal

    Interesting summary of traits. A caricature to be sure, but enough truth there to make one squirm.

    I am politically liberal.

    I really dislike Catholicism and rabid fundgelical churches, although I married into a Muslim family, and our union was performed by a United Church minister.

    I am incapable of trampling people’s rights of expression.

    I do become depressed, sad, grumpy and especially angry when contemplating such things as yet another Jehovah’s Witness who allows a child to die for no reason.

    I do not lack hope, and I do not consider myself immoral.

    Civility is my middle name.

    Lacking of humility? There is a difference between being humble and false humility.

    I have not been sexually promiscuous.

    But I am way more interested in science than the average person.

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    By this list I’m more atheist then you.
    I’m very liberal.
    I don’t hate Christianity but dislike most Christians.
    I’m Grumpy, especially in the morning
    Yep to Prideful
    Sexually promiscuous as a man can be.
    Love Science
    Can be evil
    Militant though not organized for government use
    And flexable as far as morality
    9 outta 12 though

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    Shaded Spriter

    I only got the Liberal and Science ones…thats good right?

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    Admiral Krag Jr

    You “’hate all militant organizations”…

    Wouldn’t it be fair then to say that you “militantly oppose” them?


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