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Hey guys. It’s my birthday today, and that means this weekend’s posting will be a little slower than usual in order for me to get jiggy with it. I thought this might be a good chance to talk about this patronage idea that I had talked about on my radio show. I realize of course trying to ask for money is like begging for sex; it can often make people uncomfortable, or worse, react negatively. After all, some of you might be thinking to yourselves: why should I give him money, when I can get most of his radio shows for free.

I believe patronage is the future of the Internet. I hate the idea of advertising companies getting too big online; it ruined radio, it ruined TV, and it will eventually infect the Internet as well. Let’s face it, a site promoting atheism, humanism, and anti-prohibitionism isn’t likely to attract many advertisers anyways. It’s my dream to do this as a living, and over the next month, I’m going to prove to all of you that it’ll be worth your time. I’m working on producing parody videos for you guys, and we’re really going to turn the content tap WAY up.

I feel enthusiastic about the potential of this idea, and this is no small thing to say on the day of my birth. It seems fittingly poetic to I tell you this as I turn a year older, and experience the last year in my 20s with a new outlook. My goal is to continue to entertain each of you for years to come, and although I realize not all of you will believe in this patronage model, I hope by the end of March you will see the definite advantage of having us work full time on this gig.

Oh, and if you’re a hot chick, I do accept semi-nude photos as a birthday present. I’m still incorrigible and a rascal, so don’t fault me for trying to see some skin 😛

Have a Good Atheist day everyone. I know I will!

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    Happy birthday from a fellow Toronto atheist blogger and MMA fan. Enjoy beers and semi-nude women – and maybe a midget and some balloons.

    Like Dave Attell said about Vegas: “…it’s got drinking, 24 hour gambling, and legalized prostitution. You know what it doesnt’ have? A zoo. And after three days of drinking, gambling and bangin’ hookers…you kinda want to see a panda.”

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    Happy Birthday Jacob from another fellow TGAer and Jackal. I look forward to reading and hearing more from you guys. Just let me know where to send the funds. Thanks for the books recs. I just finished Banner of Heaven. It was really f’n good. Loved the court insanity plea argument. I just started Blink the other day.

    live it up, the next B-day isn’t as fun 🙂

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    Happy birthday! I’m celebrating my third annual 29th birthday next Thursday! And sorry, no semi nude photos… At least, not until I get a few drinks in me as well 😉

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    Happy birthday! (A bit too late, I know)

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