Florida Baptists get involved

Florida is facing a budget deficit, and the primary concern of their government should be to ensure this economic crisis doesn’t bankrupt their state. Of course, not everyone sees the economy as the most important issue of the day:

Florida Baptist Convention legislative consultant Bill Bunkley is urging Florida Baptists to evaluate budget priorities “through the lens of God’s principles and His priorities”and to urge the Legislature to do the same.

Of primary concern to Florida Baptists should be the sanctity of human life from the womb to the tomb, marriages defined and supported as those anchored by a husband and wife, educational honesty about the creation and development of the world as created by God, the further temptation of those experiencing financial hardship by increased gambling venues and incremental moves by government to adopt a socialistic approach to providing necessary services.

Bill wants the issues to be centered around all of this pointless bullshit. Foreclosures? People losing their jobs? It’s all useless to him. That any misery here on planet earth could be avoided seems less important than the eternal souls of Floridians, apparently.

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