Dropping the mad rhymes

Man, talk about some fucking scathing lyrics. I’m a new fan of this guy. He’s apparently a vet of the Iraq War, studies physics and raps about theology. If you haven’t heard of Greydon Square, go check him out!

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    Intellectually engaging rap, that is new 😀

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    Greydon Square made me realize that I don’t hate Rap, just Rap that’s crap.

    With two albums available for ten bucks on iTunes, The Compton Effect and The CPT Theorem, I’ve bought both and listen to them often. While not every song is top notch material, they’re all thought provoking and well written. You can tell by the lyrical complexity that Greydon is not only a fairly intelligent, passionate, person, but that he has more than a passing knowledge of what he’s rapping about.

    Easily amongst the best twenty bucks I’ve ever spent. I sincerely recommend either album.

    Heck Jacob, you and Ryan should see if you could do a phone interview or something. With your “US Focus” for the podcast, I think it would be interesting to see what kind of “conversation” the three of you could come up with.

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