Does this sound like an ‘ex-Atheist’ to you?

Here’s Kirk Cameron trying his best to convince us that before he read the Bible, he didn’t know anything real. Even if he didn’t believe in God before then, he himself admits he never really though about God, so he’s less of an atheist and just more of an ex-non theist.

(props to proudatheist for the find)

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    lol, holy crap the funniest part had to be the website at the end.

    I’ve read the bible 4 times the old and new testament, complete bullshit

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    i’ve heard kirk’s testimony before (don’t really want to hear it again). he’s appealing to the string of ‘agnostics’ who happen to sit on the fence. he probably was non-theist; and atheist too–I wouldn’t consider an atheist as someone who consciously determines his lack of belief. of course, that’s an semantic argument of distinguishing between the explicit and implicit atheist. using the ex-atheist card, as a point of reference, and authority, is annoying, i’ll give you that.

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    This is the same guy who hangs around with Ray “Banana Man” Comfort.

    I think he lost a few screws long before he lost his supposed atheism.

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    Completely agree with him that we must be intellectually honest and look at all available evidence.
    Problem is, doing that strengthens Atheism and weakens faith. We’ve got lots of evidence, they’ve got… well, none.

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    I love the part about not “parroting” other atheists. I was an atheist before I even knew the word “atheist”. And “parroting” is exactly what christians do.

    I love the whole “evidence” issue. They always try to use the bible as evidence. A book is not evidence. I believe, in historical research, stories or a description in a book is only a tertiary source (actual item from a time period is primary, photo of an item is secondary (?)). Their reasoning about it is always circular. They say, “The bible is the word of god”. We ask how they know this, and the answer they give amounts to, “Because the bible says so.”

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    Belief in atheism? Belief in non-belief?


    That’s like crying about not crying. Or enjoying not enjoying things. Or a vaccination against health.

    AH!!!!! Omg, sorry, I just thought I saw a banana there for a second…. (What a nightmare that would’ve been!)

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