Jesus loves spanking

Here’s an interesting discovery from Unreasonable Faith, concerning pastor John Piper who is convinced that if alive, Jesus would be spanking his kids like it’s 33 AD.

I’m not a fan of corporal punishment, but I was occasionally spanked as a kid and I didn’t get screwed up too badly. It’s not the spanking itself that worries me in Piper’s case, but his reasoning behind it:

Deep down, does this person believe that God brings pain into our lives? Because Hebrews 12:6 makes the direct connection: God disciplines every son whom he loves, and spanks everyone that he delights in (my paraphrase). And the point there is suffering. God brings sufferings into our lives, and the writer of the Hebrews connects it to the parenting of God of his children.

This is a wrong view of God! God uses suffering to discipline his children. So do we.

This kind of attitude regarding suffering is nothing new. Mother Teresa was obsessed with it. She believed when people suffered from broken bodies they could come to identify with Jesus’ own suffering before his death. It’s the kind of Opus Dei shit they can’t seem to rid themselves of. It’s a consequence of relying so heavily on a story of painful sacrifice to represent love. The rest of the civilized world sees their own blood liable as nothing more than a barbaric Bronze age belief. It’s hard to argue with that assessment.

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    Good find.

    Oh by the way it’s Opus DEI not Opus Day. We certainly don’t want another Sudan-geography-like mishap on your record!

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    Bastard Soap

    I am a fan of the corporal punishement. I find the current state of parenting to be pathetic, parents being utterly controlled by their little pieces of shit they excreted. Obviously it should be used as sparringly as possible and always replaced with less damaging punishments if available, but when all else fails I’m all for beating the shit out of your kids if they really deserve it.

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