Bombs away!

Unreasonable faith asks the following question: Who would Jesus bomb? His answer: everyone! Although I agree with him that most fundamentalists are simply aching for Armageddon, I can’t blindly assert they would seek to annihilate the rest of us. Take, for example, the Branch Davidians. If you don’t remember these guys, they were the loony group who built a huge compound in Waco Texas that was eventually burned down. The truth was although they were extremely strange and were by definition fundamentalists, they weren’t collecting guns for the purpose of killing everyone. They were simply buying and selling guns for profit, and when the ATF raided their compound, they went nuts with tragic results.

Deep down they were like most fundamentalist cults: they wanted to be left alone to wait until the End of Days. They didn’t want to cause it, since they understood Armageddon was God’s decision, and not theirs.

With that said, I won’t deny there is a huge contingency of people who would be happy if a nuke were to go off in Israel this instant. The religious right would relish the fact the end of the world was nigh, and no doubt they would do everything in their power to see it through. That in a sense is the real danger: rather than begin the conflict, they are likely to exacerbate it. We need to be worried less about them bombing something, and more about their inevitable response to any act that resembles their apocalyptic fantasies.

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