TGA Podcast: Episode 38

Ok, I couldn’t hold off until Sunday. As it turns out, a fan of the show wrote to me, and her letter was so honest, open and inviting that I could not help but record a radio show, even though it’s now 3 am. I wanted to annouce my big plans, the details of my upcoming book, and a new concept: patronage. I invite you to listen, and share your thoughts with me!

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    I’m in, get that book out there! More podcasts is great news too

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    Fantastic! I’m really looking forward to this new direction.

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    Ok, sorry, had to get that out of my system ^_^. I couldn’t tell what the fuck that creepy repetitive noise was for, like, five minutes… was it a washing machine? a heater? some background music? Was Jacob about to announce his plans to take over the world, or was Ryan about to stab him in the back with an icepick? I couldn’t figure it out!

    Ok, now I’ll go listen to the actual content of the episode.

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    $20 a year? Shit, you had me scared. I was expecting some crazy high monthly fee. You have a way with words, Jacob. I’m sold.

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    I don’t have a good ear for English . . .
    You were saying “patrons” over and over and not “patriots”, right?
    That would be fucking creepy.

    I’m perfectly willing to become a patron, though.

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    I wish you luck with this new direction.
    As a long standing member of 3DBuzz, (since 2002) I’ve seen how a community can lash back when you try to, after years of giving shit away for free, add extra content for paying members.

    They switched over to a similar structure, and a lot of people with all kinds of fucked up entitlement issues gave them grief over it for a good while.
    Eventually it died down and the assclowns either realized it was a good thing or they just faded away, so keep plugging away at it.

    For the price you’re asking, I’d be an idiot to not sign up, both here and on fightlinker.

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