Solving all of the world’s problems with pain!

I get the occasional nutjob letter telling me I have to let Jesus in or my family might get a cosmic bitchslap from God, but PZ Myers is on a whole other level. Here are the highlights of the latest insanity in an inbox:

I have discovered that if you lay perfectly level on a firm mattress, with no pillow. Then relax and let gravity push you flat. Do this for 3 hours day/night…Take painkillers if you have to, in the beginning. But try and do 3 hours day/night or more. If you do that for seven weeks the crucifixion comes out in you.

…[p]lease look at the physic’s in all of this. To have a strong foundation, your structure has to be rectified. If this could get out to the world. It will solve so many problem’s we face on this planet…
The problems are inside us. And here is the solution.

Some crazy fucking guy has found a way to cause himself enough pain to feel alive, and now he believes the world’s problems can be solved if we just get our daily fix of spine tingly fun. He seems to have no problem taking painkillers for such a stupid activity, so I’ll assume he probably takes quite a few before he does this himself. Hey Myers, the world has many problems, so let’s take a bunch of painkillers and have a crazy ‘pain’ trip. How awesomely fucked up is that?

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    Oh who hasn’t done this? You’re off you head drunk, it’s four am, you’re round a friend’s house and you don’t have the taxi fare home, someone else has already claimed the sofa and you have to sleep on the floor.
    He’s a wimp for needing painkillers though.

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