Cardinals lose faith in Pope

I’ve written several times about why Catholics need to abandon their institution, especially with the shit the current Pope keeps pulling. Forget the terribly offensive and ignoble acts of pardoning a Holocaust denier, or quoting a 14th century Byzantine Emperor’s hate speech. These are small potatoes compared to his edict to cover up child abuse scandals at all costs, and now even his trusted Cardinals have begun to voice their dissent at the destruction he is sowing.

In case you didn’t know, coming out publicly and saying you don’t approve of what your Pope is doing is the career equivalent of having sex with your boss’ 16 year old daughter at the company Christmas party. You just don’t do it, even if she’s been filling out nicely. I can only imagine these guys have realized the way he’s running things is going to erode and destroy their precious organization completely.

I love seeing this level of chaos. If you’re wondering what these guys are doing right now to correct the situation, rest assured they have their best men praying around the clock for the situation to change. It should work like a charm, which is to say it’ll do jack shit.

In case you thought your leaders were out of touch, here’s a quote from the article which perfectly describes the ivory tower mentality of this institution:

Pope Benedict XVI starts the day with a 7am mass in his private chapel, followed by a lone breakfast. No press summary is brought to him. He meets a few visitors in the morning and then, after a lunch served on gold-rimmed plates bearing his seal, retires to his study to write speeches and read theological works throughout the afternoon and evening.

And the Pope said to the hungry masses: let them eat cake on gold rimmed plates…
(props to Deep Thoughts for the find)

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