Bristol Palin is a liar

the easiest way to tell if someone is lying is to look at their eyes. Looking down and to the right (your left) is usually an indication that they are not genuinely remembering something. Try and use this trick to see if you can spot the truth from the lie.

I’m not a spy, but there are a few tricks I’ve learned from watching interrogation tactics over the years which lead me to believe most of what Bristol was saying is a bunch of fucking lies. There are predictable bodily reactions people display when talking about things they believe, and things they don’t, but are forced to lie about. Malcolm Gladwell’s book Blink┬ádeals extensively with this, so if you think I might be talking out of my ass, I invite you to check it out. I’ll admit I’m a novice, but I thought it might be fun to try and analyze Bristol’s statements based on how she said things rather than what she said.

#1: Bristol Palin hates being a teen mom.
Every time the question of teen pregnancy came up, the only time she seemed to be genuine was in her plea for people to wait 10 years before having children. It’s a number she has already thought about, specifically because it was no doubt what she keeps telling herself every day. The level of exhaustion and desperation in her voice betrays her feeling that although she may care about the baby, the fact her life as a mom started before she was ready undoubtedly makes her resentful of the child and of her own situation. Unless a person is fully ready to commit to any serious responsibility, those strenuous activities breed contempt.

#2: The story of how she told her mom is complete bullshit.
When she reminisces on how she told her mom the news, Bristol paints a family portrait of the encouraging mom who sits down with her daughter and talks patiently with her about what is happening. It’s a complete fucking lie. The statement seemed forced, and the only thing that seemed genuine about the story were the people involved, not the reaction. Of course her mom would flip out! It’s a normal reaction. But painting this lie only betrays her ‘tells’ for the rest of the interview.

#3: Bristol resents the bullshit abstinence she was taught.
When the interviewer asked her how she felt about contraception, the conversation quickly changes from “I don’t want to talk about it” to “Abstinence is not effective”. It’s obvious the unplanned nature of the pregnancy reflects the unplanned nature of their sexual escapades. They were not aware of the consequences of their actions, and as such, made no contingency plans to the eventuality of sexual intercourse. Now armed with this knowledge, Bristol feels resentful of the fact her sexual education was inadequate, and worse of all, that it could not prevent her from having a child.

This all sounds like I’m calling her a liar. I am only saying she is lying, and her words are the carefully arranged press release of a sophisticated political machine. Still, she’s not a very good actress, so reading her is about as difficult as reading Doctor Seuss.

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    Her hesitancy to respond and constant repetition of the same things over and over again simply indicate to me that her mother and father drilled it into her head that there would be severe repercussions if she said anything contrary to what they had taught her. Not that she knows any different. She was so inarticulate, you could tell she really didn’t want to be there. She was there more to “clear the air” for her mother’s reputation more than for her own. It seems she doesn’t agree with abstinence, but fears exposing those beliefs to the public, and doesn’t understand enough about her own body to even talk about that sort of subject besides the one-sided view that she learned.

    How depressing. And to think.. Sarah Palin could have potentially been president if John McCain was elected and then died.

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    Captain Bland

    Not that I think Bristol is telling the truth. Not that I even care.

    But mind you: Malcolm Gladwell might, as I suspect, be talking out of his ass too.

    Here’s a book to read:

    By the way, if you can stay off the weed for a year, I can imagine sponsoring you.

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    The only thing I want to point out is how blatantly immature this girl is.

    And she’s raising a kid. Think of how dumb even the smart kids were most of the time when they were 16, and then remember she’s probably not that smart.


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