Suzanne Somers is insane

The quest for youth, beauty, and long life makes freaks out of people. Chief among these ‘insane ones’ is Suzanne Somers, who takes a whopping 60 fucking pills every day to try and stay young. That’s not including her estrogen and progesterone cream she applies, as well as her daily vaginal injections. Yes, that’s right folks, she pokes her own vagina with hormones in the hopes of living forever.

She also tries to appeal to women’s insecurity about age. She tells the audience at Oprah’s show their husbands will undoubtedly leave them if they fail to do everything they can to stay young forever, and this can be done, apparently, with her insane regiment. She wants to live to 110, but I think she’ll find if she’s just as concerned then as she is now on her physical appearance, it’s going to be one hell of a miserable few last decades….

No thanks, Suzanne, stick to selling juice makers and other stupid shit on the shopping network, and stop telling dumb women to use dangerous supplements. As for Oprah, I’m not surprised you’re dumb enough to listen to these celebrities and morally bankrupt enough to profit from it.

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    You know, my mom used to love her when she came out with one of her earlier books (basically on thinking good thoughts). I thought this was a good thing because it helped my mom to become more positive and happy (in a rational sort of way). Generally, I like Suzanne because she’s goofy & fun, but I really don’t like all this sh!t she’s pushing. She does look good for her age without major surgery, but I guess all those pills will amount to the cost of surgery anyway!!!

    When you say:
    “She tells the audience at Oprah’s show that their husbands will undoubtedly leave them if they fail to do everything they can to stay young forever”… Makes me want to take back the good things I said about her. Sigh.

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    Vaginal estrogen cream is not a “crazy” treatment, but actually commonly used by post-menopausal women. It is a safe and effective treatment for atrophic vaginitis, a condition caused by lack of estrogen.

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    Jacob Fortin

    Dude, she doesn’t use creams. She uses needles to inject estrogen in her vagina. I got no problems with hormone treatment, but her regiment is insane, and her reasons for it are sick.

    People age and grow old. That’s life.

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