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I get frustrated once in a while when I meet someone who has a limited understanding of evolution, but it’s a whole other bag if you live somewhere that actually dismisses it! That’s why a small fledgling group called The Southern Skeptical Society is trying to organize to help fight the irrational tendencies of anything south of the Mason-Dixon line. If any of you are there or know someone who is, then visit their Facebook page and help them in their endeavor.

(props for Atheist Revolution for this one)

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    part of me in those situations thinks “To hell with ’em. they don’t want real science, they don’t deserve it.”
    these clowns (see: Jindal, Bobby) enjoy the fruits of rational thought, yet believe they can attack it at every turn. they should be forced to receive medical care that existed at the level it had reached when their beliefs were considered true. so by my reckoning Jindal deserves medical care from the 1500’s.

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    Whenever I click on that link–or even search for their name in Facebook–I get an “event not found” error. Any idea what’s up with that?

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