Google Earth: Atlantis edition

Anytime someone discovers artifacts underwater, you immediately have a bunch of morons asserting the lost city of Atlantis has been found. That’s why an unusual looking image in Google Earth was the perfect excuse for the ‘true believers’ to make that claim again. Luckily, Skeptico has a simple answer to debunk this stupid claim:

…the image is almost certainly an artifact of the mapping process. The underwater images for Google’s ocean maps come from multiple sonar measurements of the ocean floor. (Unlike Google Earth which relies on satellite imagery to show the surface only.) The area in question was mapped by boats travelling [sic]┬áin a series of straight lines, and the grid merely shows the route taken by those mapping boats.

Forget the fact that if this was a city, it would be one the size of Wales. Why does anyone think the roads of a sunken continent would still be straight?

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