Bristol Palin thinks abstinence is not realistic

Well, here’s something I never thought I would actually write: Bristol Palin actually seems to understand abstinence teaching is “not realistic at all”. Yes, those are her words. The unwed mother and daughter of the most embarrassingly stupid and incompetent Vice Presidential nominee ever, Gov. Sarah Palin, revealed this tidbit of wisdom during an interview for Fox’s “On the Record”.

The family is trying hard to paint themselves as happy, productive and living out the American dream, but it’s pretty much a sham. The father is a moronic hockey obsessed douche who is obviously more interested in unprotected sex than he is in his child. Of course he is: he’s fucking 18 years old!

Bristol can grasp the simple idea that teenagers want to have sex from personal experience. She’s lucky enough her mom is able to pay for diapers, baby clothing, and other accoutrements. This is something very few teenage mothers benefit from. So if Palin was thinking of showing off how wonderful teenage pregnancies are, all she’s done is show the huge divide between those with means and those without.

How insane that the only person with any common sense is an 18 year old jersey chaser with a terrible first name?

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    She’s right. I was suprised that “Fixed News” let that comment go under the radar.
    Somebody over there must have been asleep at the wheel or they’d have cut it.

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