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A few weeks ago, I wrote an article calling for Catholics to abandon the church in light of the recent news Pope Benedict XVI was behind the cover up of child abuse scandals. Obviously, I didn’t actually think any Catholics would hear me out. I mean, I am a filthy heathen after all. I’m finding it difficult, however, to stay silent for long about the general attitude some Catholics have about the revelation that corruption runs at such high levels. Here is a journalist who claims some things are best if they stay hidden (the article itself is called How much truth is too much truth).

Rob Dreher is an ex-Catholic, but after studying the facts, it was too difficult for him to go on. It’s why he states he is intentionally ignoring any bad news that might come his way about his new church, The Orthodox Church in America. He had to – the church came under investigation in the autumn of 2005 for embezzlement of church funds.

Rob believes society needs powerful institutions in order to function properly, and the most important thing is to not allow cynicism and mistrust erode people’s faith in those institutions. His call for ‘selective blindness’ not only baffles me; I find it personally insulting to be told human beings are simply unable to make decisions for themselves, favoring instead the guidance of corrupt church leaders.

Rob chose to remain blind because he knows exactly what happens when you start probing deeper into organized religion; you find nothing but unscrupulous individuals who abuse their authority for personal or financial gain. What a surprise! Well, I believe human beings need transparency in their lives. Why should religion benefit from the veil of secrecy? This abuse of power has gone on far too long.

I’ve got a bit of advice for Mr. Dreher: I know as a Catholic, the concept of truth isn’t exactly something you worry about too much. After all, you have other people to tell you what the truth should be. But do you honestly think keeping the dark secrets of the Church is the only way to save it? If your institution was so fundamentally good, is it not your responsibility to ensure it remains that way? Are you so afraid of the truth you would rather innocent children suffer for the continuation of an otherwise corrupt and morally bankrupt organization? I find it tragic you choose to deny reality so adamantly to the point where you would fail to investigate and prosecute the offenders. It’s even sadder when people try to defend this cowardly view.

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    The fact that Herr Ratzinger was behind the cover up is not suprising. I understand that it was also official church doctrine and he was just repeating it. Therefore the previous Pope must have known and approved it. Religion considors children expendable, women and minorities inferior and homosexuals non-human. They are throughly vile.

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