Octuplet mom looks to God for assistance

Nadya Suleman has an obsession. Since she was a teenager, she’s dreamed of being a mother. Nadya has recently given birth to octuplets, adding 8 children to a house that already has 6 of them. She is not married, lives in a small apartment, and when asked how she plans on taking care of so many babies, she responded simply that she will look to God for answers.

The eyes of the nation are on her, but I think Nadya doesn’t yet quite understand that many are anticipating her failure. Caring for 14 kids, including 8 babies simultaneously, is a job which would require a fully trained staff to handle properly. All Nadya has for help is her mother, who has already expressed her disapproval of her daughter’s choice to have the controversial in vitro fertilization which led to her unusual pregnancy.

In terms of stories, I can tell you with confidence that ultimately, this one will not have a happy ending. This woman clearly has a few issues, and her obsession with having children has allowed her to be put in a situation beyond her control. These babies are in a fragile state, and no doubt will have development problems later on due to low birth weights. Some may require extended medical treatment she can ill afford. The woman is on food stamps, but it’s surely not going to be enough.

If she’s as religious as I think she is, Nadya probably thinks all of these babies are some kind of miracle, despite the obvious fact their entire existence is contingent on medical science. It wasn’t God that impregnated her with so many embryos. It was a doctor. And it’s medical science that is allowing these children to continue to develop and grow outside of the womb. God is not going to be splitting the groceries with her, or changing their dirty diapers. I have a feeling this story isn’t going to end very well, and I foresee child services getting involved very soon.

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    I can’t believe she really is trusting in her god. If that was the case, why use in vitro fertilization.
    I hope you are right about how soon child services steps in. The long the wait the more possibility of disaster.
    But you do know that since they are broadcasting this story on every network, she will get plenty of financial help.

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    I hate stories like this and others recently about religion affecting the lives of children. We can see that it’ll all go wrong and that religion has some part to blame but that doesn’t make you feel better. Does anyone else sometimes wish we were wrong?
    Very, very sad.

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    I agree with dc-agape.

    Actually, many of those baby products brands that normally give out a bunch of stuff aren’t this time. I’m guessing, we’re all going to pay for it. :/

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    Unfortunately, I think the media is what gave her the idea for wanting more babies in the first place. The reason I say this it that I read (don’t remember where) that she had asked a couple of different networks for her own show as a “parenting expert”. *roll eyes* So far she has been turned down for these requests, wow somebody has a brain (perhaps).
    I think people have less sympathy for her because:
    – she already had 6 children
    – she is not married
    – she paid for in vitro to have more kids
    I wish the media would just let this story die, she has had her 15 minutes of fame… let’s leave it at that.

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    I can believe she used in vitro while still trusting to god. Both of the women who I’ve known personally who have gone through that process are religious, and as little sense as it makes, both prayed that the fertilization would take. Albeit not 8 times over.

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    I’ve gotten so I can’t read anything new about this woman because it makes me angrier than the last article. The last bombshell in the whole saga was that she’d collected $165,000 in disability payments from 2002-2008 because of a back injury, and she used that money for the IVF (and collagen for her Angelina Jolie lips, I’m willing to bet). Having a bad back myself, carrying a litter is severely irresponsible, to say the least, but this woman is a trainwreck of issues and logic is not her strong suit.

    She’s narcissistic, money-grubbing and playing the system for all it’s worth, and needs to get therapy herself STAT. Anyone who treats their uterus like a clown car needs help. But if the Duggars and other litter families are rewarded with their own TV shows, then she no doubt wanted attention too.

    I hope she’s happy that she got it.

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    I just need to get something off of my chest. I understand the reason everyone is having a cow, here. I get it, and agree. But can we PLEASE stop referring to the fact that she’s not married as a reason for her not to have this many children? That has nothing whatsoever to do with it. The fact is, she has no help. Give it a rest with the marriage already, sheesh.

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    Can we please start ignoring her so she’ll go away? The Today show should have refused to give her one second of air time. She is irresponsible and ignorant and does not deserve even 15 minutes of fame. The more attention she gets, the more she will inevitably feel validated. Even with the negative press…the more controversial she becomes, the more valuable her interview will be in the eyes of the networks. The only people that need to give her any thought are the LOCAL child protection services, and they should watch her like a hawk.

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    Alison, I understand your viewpoint. I think we all agree that the problem is that this woman has no one to help her raise these kids. But I think when people refer to the fact that she’s not married, they’re not shunning her in the aspect of “she’s having children out of wedlock, she’s a sinner”. I think it’s more along the lines of “she doesn’t have a committed partner to lean on.” Her actions are irresponsible and selfish, yes, but I don’t think as big of a deal would be made specifically about her being unmarried if she was in some kind of committed relationship with a partner.

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    bumlet5, I appreciate your remarks, and tend to agree for the most part, especially concerning those posting on this particular blog, but I don’t think we can safely assume that there aren’t a whole hell of a lot of those who are pissed because she’s having these children in a non-traditional way. I think she’s raising too many red flags and not being married is something people are tacking on to the list, and I don’t think that’s a fair argument, whatever her faults.

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