Religious logic = fail

I feel as though I exist. I guess Descartes was wrong…

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    Dizzying logic, those baptists. Can anyone possibly explain what this is even supposed to mean? Doesn’t Proverbs even mention people not believing in god being fools, therefor, they exist in the Bible?

    I know I’m overthinking this. The answer is: they’re stupid. QED

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    And all of a sudden, I disappea …

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    This just makes me feel sorry for them, its so tit for tat

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    Maybe this means I won’t have to hear them talk about atheists destroying the world, etc…

    Fat chance of that.

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    Doesn’t a non-living sign talking about a thing that doesn’t exist not believing in people who do exist violate some sort of fundamental law of physics?

    Trying to wrap my head around that just makes my brain want to have a beer and a nap.

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    Joe Botelho

    i wish my name was SONNY MANUEL.
    I guess picking fruit and jumping fences gives you an insight into gods mind.

    p.s. im not a racist i have ONE mexican friend.

    p.p.s. he’s actually an athiest.

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