Texas teacher fired for atheism and liberal attitudes

I know I have fans who live in Texas, so I don’t want any of you to be too offended when I say it’s a seriously messed up place. The latest bit of bad news comes from Brookland, where a teacher by the name of Richard Mullens was fired because parents and other faculty members thought he was an atheist, and way too ‘liberal’. There’s no indication he’s an atheist, and Mr. Mullens has chosen to keep his religious beliefs to himself, which aren’t relevant as to his skills as a teacher. Still, it didn’t stop the faculty from canning him after students complained he was defending Obama when some of the students said he was a terrorist.

Ignorance has never surprised me, but I always find it amazing how dumb some people really are. It just seems like there’s always something stupid going on in Texas regarding public schools. One minute, it’s trying to introduce creationism in the classroom, the next it’s firing a teacher who is too liberal. Next thing you know, these guys will want to secede from the Union and declare Jesus is President for life!

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    This would actually be funny if it wasn’t so tragic. How can these people be high and mighty about everyone else and still be able to go against the most common sense of decency. I don’t know much about american law but I hope he sues them for all they got.

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    I just can’t believe it. And I don’t mean that in the colloquial sense; I mean that quite literally. My mind just refuses to accept that a teacher in the United States of America can get fired on the SUSPICION that he’s an atheist and “too liberal.”




    I’m starting to understand the religious person’s need to believe… because I just have to believe there’s something else going on here.

    (and just in case anyone is wondering, I’m not being sarcastic, but I am being a bit tongue in cheek. This article is just mindblowing)

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    Joe Botelho

    I know teachers and other people who work for the goverment and i would bet my Large Double Double that there was a there was something else going on. Even in Texas theres no way that being a Atheist is going to get him fired.

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