Psychics take advantage of failing economy

This piece on has me fuming. It’s a profile of psychic Roxanne Usleman (if you plan on visiting this link, do yourself a favor and turn off your sound) who is giving consultations to high powered clients looking for a insight into their uncertain futures. It’s another example that it isn’t only lonely and uneducated women who spend hundreds of dollars on these fraudsters.

CNN does what every typical mainstream media organization does when dealing with these scumbags: they take no official position on whether or not the claims of psychics can be verified, despite how easy it is. Do any of them even bother to do a little research? Of course not. If they did, they would realize there has never been a recorded instance of a psychic doing anything other than making superficial remarks based on techniques used by mentalists.

Roxanne is probably delusional enough to think she has some sort of power, when in reality her only skills include the ability to tell people exactly what they want to hear. I don’t even find anything wrong with the idea of charging people to give them advice. Consultants are a necessary part of the business world, but at least they have more experience than a woman who spends her days holding your keys in order to get a read on your life. These parasites come out of the woodwork and use our own desperation against us. It’s why they always gather around whenever there’s money to be made from insecurities, disasters, or painful moments in our lives.

It’s irresponsible of any media organization to wash over the fact that these individuals possess no known powers, other than keen observation. This woman charges over 125 dollars an hour. Does anyone think during an economic recession it’s a wise idea to hand over all that cash for what amounts to nothing more than a stale performance?

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    You always have to be more than a little suspicious when someone who looks like J.Z. Knight tries to tell you how to live your life.

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    there’s various breeds of chumps for various breeds of scum to prey upon at any given economic or social or what-have-you moment.

    it’s funny that when it’s one person fooling a few people into giving up their money, it’s an outrage. but when TV preachers defraud thousands of their savings, it’s religion.

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    Joe Botelho

    Man you know what show fucking rocks,
    The MENTALIST! it’s about a ex psychic who now works for the FBI or something.

    Anyways not surprising since most of the stock market is based on lies and hype so why would those people not go to another lier.

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