Adam Carolla on religion


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    I figured you might enjoy Adam Carolla. You and Ryan should checkout the movie “The Hammer.” Carolla wrote it and stars in it. He plays a 40-year-old construction worker that that gets back into boxing to make the Olympic Team.

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    That was awesome. Really made my day. Thanks for sharing it!

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    Bastard Soap

    Well obviously he is a thousand % right and I loved hearing this, but does it help the P.R. battle?

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    That was absolutely frikkin hilarious; I’m so glad I finally listened to it.

    And I think it’s really cool that he drew the parallel between crazy fundamental religinuts and crazy diehard sportsfans, too. There’s quite a few similarities.

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    As hilarious as this is, it does remind me of Dawkins reading out all his hate mail- ‘…and “fucking” is spelled wrong…’

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    Good rant.
    I’d also second Duane’s recommendation of the Hammer, good movie.

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