Michael Phelps is human

Apparently, winning a bunch of Gold medals at the Olympics means your entire life goes under a microscope. Michael Phelps learned this the hard way the other day when he was caught on tape smoking weed from a bong. He admitted it and apologized, but I’m sure that won’t prevent the moral police from giving him a hard time about it.

What I find hypocritical is if had he been caught binge drinking, the newspapers would have ignored it, despite the fact alcohol is far more dangerous. Marijuana has a relatively mild affect on the body, particularly when you are in good shape like Phelps. Yet, because weed has a bad name, every uneducated moron pundit will just use this as another example of the corruption of youth. When will this ridiculous War on Drugs end? When will people realize drug use is primarily a personal decision, and not a social one? I don’t encourage people to become drug addicts; I simply refuse to believe jailing offenders is somehow the most productive use of our time.

Don’t apologize for having your own mind, Michael. Once you let others dictate how to run your life, you’ll soon find yourself enslaved by the moral police’s impossible demands. I realize of course he has no choice but to make that statement to save his career. How sad is it when one of the greatest Olympians of our time is threatened for inhaling smoke in his lungs?

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    This is this young man’s SECOND drug offense. The first was when he drove drunk.

    All I know is that if, “I’m only 23 years old…and I acted in a youthful and inappropriate manner…” is an acceptable excuse, then THE SAME THING better work for the next non-white NFL or NBA athlete that does something illegal.

    Because in the past, these types of statements have never worked for them, and many of them had been guilty of only one illegal offense not TWO!

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    At least he’s American and not Japanese – they go bonkers over that shit.

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    Name Required

    First, I do not smoke anything, but I think pot should be legal…just wanna get that out of the way… My problem is with Phelps’ stupidity.

    He DID agree to let others dictate how he lives his life when he accepted over 100 million dollars in endorsements based on being a role model. If that amount of money and responsibility can’t stop him from hitting a bong in a room full of Carolina college students armed with camera phones, then he’s the moron, not the pundits that are calling him on it. Although I do share in the disdain for the media, I just can’t blame them on this one.

    If he just wanted to get stoned, fine, but he is aware that he was THE news of the summer. He made sure his face and abs were on every news show and magazine cover. Did he not know where the bathroom was? Dumbass…..

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    Infinite Monkey

    I’d just like to say that on a scale of 1-I-went-home-and-cried, I would rate this as a….

    What’s that number right before O?

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