Pope welcomes Holocaust denier

It seems as though Pope Benedict XVI just loves controversy. He has reinstated Bishop Richard Williamson, an adamant Holocaust denier. It’s become almost comical the level of callousness Benny displays to other religious groups. Williamson is the worst kind of antisemitic jackass, who thinks the gas chambers didn’t exist. Where 6 million Jews went, he doesn’t speculate. Perhaps he thinks they all staged their own deaths and are all retired on ‘evil money-lending island’.

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    Okay, I’m totally on the Pope’s side for this one. Williamson’s excommunication had nothing to do with his views on the holocaust, and his reinstatement (along with 3 other bishops) should have nothing to do with his views on the holocaust. The Pope said (somewhere I can’t find) that Williamson’s views were erroneous but not ex-communicable. That being said I think that Willliamson’s views ought to be ex-communicable, but that doesn’t mean that they are.

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    bastard soap

    Maybe this could be helpful in showing ppl just how fucktards priests can be.

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    Is anyone still surprised at the links between Catholicism and the Nazis?

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