Who needs a ShamWow?

I don’t watch TV, but every once in a while, when I’m visiting a friend, I’ll see the advertising stream on (yeah, I’m aware the show TV program is on, but the only real consistency in programming is the advertising). I admit to seeing the ShamWow guy on for quite a while, and he’s an annoying but convincing fellow. If I was just a little bit more gullible and a lot more wealthy, I probably would have bought his product. Imagine my surprise to find out the guy is a lot more interesting than a shammy cloth. Vince Offer (can you believe that’s his name, considering he’s a salesman?) is a former Scientology member who is using all of his money to fight the Church.

There’s a really great piece on it at Skepchick.com, so I won’t give out any of the juicy details. Suffice it to say, they fucked him over big time, and now he’s using his money to get back at them. Considering all the great stuff he’s exposing about this no good cult, I think I might actually buy the damn things.

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    Damon Ballard

    I have several. Got them at a county fair. They work almost as great as they are billed. I have a 2 year old, we’d have a lot more stains if we’d have relied on the old towel method. With the Shamwow’s. No or very little stain, even with Coke and Juice.

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    joe Botelho

    Me too Damon i have A 4 and 1 year old and i got them from the inlaws. Fuck do they work great i use on just on my car.
    Hey Jacob why not call up vince and make him a “OFFER” on advertising on the site.

    hahaha i said Offer and his last name is Offer, man i am ONE FUNNY DUDE.

    P.S Rebbeca watson the skepchick is so fucking hot. And shes also part of the “Skeptics guide to the universe” podcast
    which is the best podcast ever. no offence Fortin but those guys rock way harder then you.

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    Reverend Clnt

    We sell them at Target in the “Not Sold in Stores” part of the store… which seems impossible. I noticed this guy is now doing the slapchop infomercial and says “I know you are going to love my nuts”

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    joe Botelho

    “I know you are going to love my nuts”,

    Yes mr. Fortin does love nuts!

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