Bart Simpson is promoting Scientology

When I was a kid, the show everyone was talking about on Monday morning was the Simpsons. There was no doubt in my mind it was my generation’s quintessential program, and it practically defined our sense of humor. My friends and I would often quote lines from episodes if the situation was appropriate.

Of course, the show isn’t what it used to be. The characters are now stale; the writers have lost their fundamental understanding of them. Still, the legacy they built isn’t something that can be easily taken away, which is why the shameless promotion of Scientology by Nancy Cartwright, the voice of Bart Simpson, is a fucking slap in the face. It was easy to hate this pyramid scheme cult when they had their spokesperson jumping up and down on couches with a creepy smile on his face. It’s another to record Bart Simpson for a cold calling machine to invite people to attend an auditing service.

Scientology is the ultimate in greedy religion. Audits are ways of extracting money out of people. It’s the equivalent of Amway really, except instead of selling you shitty soap, they’ll brainwash you so badly that you’ll let your autistic son die of a seizure rather than admit his condition exists. Yeah, I’m referring to you, John Travolta. Idiot.

I hope Fox takes action on this. Beloved cartoon characters shouldn’t be used to promote anything more harmful than a crappy candy bar, especially not sick cults whose paranoia regarding mental health can only be described as borderline psychotic.

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    joe Botelho

    Nancy Cartwright is not Matt Groeing so you really should chill man. Who cares if she uses her voice to promte anything it dosent take anything away from the brillance of the Simpsons because she just an actor. That’s like saying Mark hamill ruined Star Wars because of all the crap movies he did after. Actors are ego manics they not normal so who gives a flying fuck anyway.

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    Joe – This matters because the voice of Bart Simpson is not owned by Nancy Cartwright, and she is not allowed to use it without the proper permission. Bart’s voice is owned by either the network, the production company, or the creator. They have the rights, and they can sue if the voice is used without their permission. And you know where I learned this? An interview I saw on TV many years ago with, you guessed it, NANCY CARTWRIGHT!

    I wrote to Fox as soon as I heard about this. They haven’t responded…. I wonder if they’ll do anything about it, or if they’ll blacklist me as an “SP” and try to ruin my life?

    I know how you feel, Jacob. The Simpsons practically raised me, too. If only I had a nickel for every time I heard somebody say ” HAH-hah! “

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