TGA Podcast: Episode 36

After attempting to wrangle enough questions from listeners, we were finally able to do a mailbag episode. We cover everything from de-Baptisms in Atlanta to the historical ‘evidence’ of Jesus. It’s 55 minutes of TGA goodness!

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    Guys, your bickering got pretty annoying in this episode.

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    Re: Ryan “we shouldn’t care that other people have dumb beliefs”

    The problem with this position is that people with dumb beliefs have the overwhelming amount of power within society (especially America) These stupid beliefs have a stranglehold on topics like morality, equal rights, who we should bomb etc.

    The dumb beliefs within society enable an anti-science movement which is directly retarding the growth of humanity.

    The main problem on top of that is that “smart” people who don’t hold dumb beliefs are always taking the moral high road of “let others believe what they want” while the persons with dumb beliefs are more than happy to attack and discriminate against anyone who doesn’t hold their beliefs.

    Atheists are the most hated minority in America! Why would any Atheist be happy to say “the majority of my country hates me.. meh.. i’m not going to do anything to stop that” <– THAT opinion is what’s hurting intellectualism.

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    Here’s a debaptism that Hemant Mehta attended:

    The pictures are down but the video is still up. Plus: debate in the comments!

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    Just started listening. Regarding last week’s request for questions….

    Is there an alternative to Boy Scouts/Cub Scouts?? I’ve tried to search, but maybe I’m not using the right words…


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    From the looks of the video of the de-baptism they don’t take it very seriously, it says in that article that after the de-baptism they have a de-communion with peanut butter wafers and holy A&W Rootbeer, I wouldn’t be to worried about it “legitimizing” the original baptism.

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    I whole-heartedly agree with Matt. Ryan–where do you get off with this attitude that, just because things are good for you, that they must be good for everybody and we should all just “chillax”? I mean, you even admitted that your perspective could be different, in that you didn’t grow up with oppresive religion and that it doesn’t affect your social sphere… but then you didn’t even let that thought effect your opinion?

    Look… I can concede some common ground here–some atheists may go too far in trying to proselytize. But it does NOT follow that we should all, therefor, just chillax and live and let live. Matt’s right, the right for another person to entertain a dumb belief ends where it interferes with my rights; to marry whom I chose, to teach facts in school instead of fairy tales, to decide whether or not I want to have a child (this is not just for women–the catholic church’s dumb beliefs would take condoms off the shelves).
    I get that you’re just two guys having a conversation and pressing record… but dude! Maybe it should just be called “The Good Atheist and the Bad Agnostic Show” or something…

    And Jacob, minor quibble–what evidence do you have to back up that Paul of Tarsus was “definitely” a real person? I would think the fact that he “wrote” so many letters would almost be evidence against a single man?

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    Jacob Fortin

    As far as I know, there isn’t much skepticism about the existence of St.Paul. I mean, this is the guy that basically INVENTED Christianity, so if it wasn’t for him, I doubt anyone would be having sunday mass. So far as I understand it, the historical evidence of St. Paul is not in question. If you find me any material to the contrary, I’d love to see it.

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    I can’t remember ever seeing material to the contrary; I was just wondering. It seems to me that all the problems that you raised for Jesus’ existence could also be applied to Paul.

    But I think it’s only an issue in as far as the question “Did Homer really write the Illiad?” is an issue. As in, nobody worships Paul (or Homer); so while they might not have existed specifically, what they wrote does, and it’s convenient enough to call the writers by their commonly understood names.

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    joe botelho

    Jacob defend your boyfriend for fucks sake!
    Damn man when people attack my wife i defend her not matter what. Ryan you really should break up with jacob if this is what he does when your being bashed. Unless Jacob is like Micheal Jordan in the sack? He must have a “MAGIC JOHNSON” in his pants.

    Holy Shit i am funny but serioulsy dude leave jacob because boyfriends are suppose to protect there women or there men.

    Giving all you Ryan haters a Larry “BIRD”,
    Joe Botelho

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    Joe Botelho

    One more, Where the hell were my questions?

    Your a coward Fortin and i will destroy you like GSP will wreck BJ Penn this Saturday Mother Fucker!

    Joe Botelho

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    I have to disagree with Ryan. Atheists have been quiet too long. For a long time most of us simply ignored theists, while the theists trashed us at every opportunity and we didn’t care.
    That has to change because theists started getting real power in society and attempted to force their way of life on the rest of us. Obama will not solve everything. Bringing Rick fucking Warren to the national stage is no different from allowing David Duke to speak. They are both bigots and Christianity is essentially a hate group. Discuss, discuss.

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    Give Ryan a break! He’s a stoner, he can’t help being so apathetic. I’m sure that if someone tried to convert Ryan, though, that he would totally stand up and take ’em out. BTW, I think we need an email discussion list.

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    Hey, how do you sumbit listener mail? Is it just on here?

    During one of my browsings of iTunes for free podcasts, I came across Obama’s Weekly Speech. This week, he was talking about his… I’m afraid I can’t remember the name, it was either Council of Faith or Office of Faith or something like that. What do you guys think of this and how, if at all, does it change your perspective of Obama?

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    Subject: Atheist classifications (question)

    If you’re still looking for questions, here’s one. What are your opinions on different atheist classifications? The classification “atheist” always seems to leave something to be desired because it is so broad. I’ve heard Christians rant that dictators like Pol Pot and Joseph Stalin were atheists, which is indicative of what can happen to us. A counter argument is that these people encouraged a system of dogmatism and discouragement of questioning very similar to religious institutions, and that no civilization has suffered from being too reasonable. I think the theistic argument is correct, though (freaky, huh?), because reasonability is not incorporated into the definition of atheism. It’s entirely possible to have unreasonable atheists, including ones that are unreasonable to human needs. For this reason, I’m inclined to classify myself as a PEARList (Physical Evidence And Reasoned Logic) as in ThunderfOOt’s video “Rejecting Atheism” on YouTube. Reasonability is included in the definition. What do you think?

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