Oh noes! It’s the collapse of “Darwinism” in Europe!

Remember this clown? I put up a post a few months ago about Harun Yahya (also known as Adnan Oktar), who’s back to making outrageous claims that have no factual basis. The first minute of this video is just his face plastered all over the place. It’s obvious he wants to be adored and admired. Too bad he’s an idiot.

If you can manage to watch the whole thing, then I commend you on your ability to hold food down.

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    *Gasp*! 6:10… a personal record… but I just can’t take any more. The first 40 seconds of pictures of Yahya on his boat were pretty funny, but the rest was just painful for my brain to watch.

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    I stopped watching after about 4:00… I was waiting for any single piece of evidence but didn’t get any, except that “scientists everywhere are turning to God”. Well, that’s almost certainly true. Some scientists are believers. It is also true that scientists everywhere are losing their faith. Everywhere, people are going from one way of looking at the world to the other. Law of averages kind of covers that.
    So, his case has : no evidence (unless I missed it in the last six minutes, in which case – shame on me!), unable by definition to stand up to any scrutiny. Case for evolution : quite a bit of evidence, has to stand up to every fresh bit of evidence found (and has done pretty well so far).
    What is wrong with these people???
    Must say though, I LOVE the music!

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    I lost it when it said that the book had the “highest quality photographic illustrations.” Lol, a picture book!

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    nothing but bullshit, and it lasted for the longest 10 minutes of my life.
    when will this people learn that alot of people believing in one thing doesn’t make it right? especially if those people are a bunch of religious freaks.
    funny thing, i’m from europe and never felt this groundswell taking over the continent must have been really distracted.

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    I made it to 2:54.

    I find a common motif in most anti-Evolution videos: they all claim ‘science’ has refuted Evolution ‘countless times.’

    That is, they rarely go into detail. For example, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been told radiometric dating is faulty. But how many times have I been told WHY radiometric dating is faulty? Never. Not once.

    Poor, poor Turkey…

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    Infinite Monkey

    WOW! Even I, a cheerleader for atheism, can shoot holes in that piece big enough to drive a mack truck through. Yes, I watched the whole thing, 1:28 of intro.

    It uses headlines to make it seem like Creationism is gaining footing, but headlines are often way over-simplified. One of the headlines specifically says “Creationist Propaganda”. Everyone knows that if you use the word “propaganda”, you are implying its mostly lies.

    They referenced individual scientists who believe in God or Creationism, but, again, there’s a big difference between a single person accepting it and the scientific community doing so.

    Also, the specifically refer to Creation “Fact”. Sorry, at most, you might be able to call it a theory, if you stretch it.

    The public believing in something doesn’t make it real. How many people believe in UFO’s, ghosts, and ESP?

    Finally, it uses a quote from a school student, where she specifically references arguements found online. Remember, just because its on the internet doesn’t make it true.

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