The Catholic Church needs to be abandoned

I want to send out a clear message today about the Catholic Church. I know many Catholics are feeling persecuted, brow beaten, and tired of all of the bad press they’ve been getting recently. It doesn’t help matters when your Pope quotes a Byzantine Emperor who claimed that Islam was spread by holy war. If you think that’s bad, you need to sit down to hear this staggeringly horrible piece of news: Pope Benedict XVI was one of the masterminds behind the effort to cover up sex abuse scandals from priests. The BBC is airing a documentary tonight which clarifies this damning allegation, by pointing to an ultra secret document composed by Ratzinger calling for an abuse case to be buried, and for witnesses, victims, and any one else involved to be threatened with excommunication if they talked about it.

I want to make something very clear to Catholics at this moment: your institution is corrupt, evil, broken, and unworthy of affiliation. There is no reason to trust what the Pope does is guided by God; that such a despicable human being should hold the most holy office demonstrates just how vile your institution really is. Every single Catholic needs to abandon this system, stop going to church, and most definitely stop giving these fuckheads any money. I am not saying this in a glib way. If you want to know what a fatal blow to any institution looks like, this is it.

Imagine you are a fan of the store “Bed, Bath and Beyond”. You love the selection of home furnishings, and you’ve been a customer for years. One day, you are told that a significant proportion of store employees were secretly molesting your kids, and store managers were covering up these scandals and transferring these offenders to different locations throughout the country. Worse still, the president of the company had written a super secretive memo that stated all of these abuses needed to be silenced and that all victims had to be threatened in order to ensure they did not go to authorities. Would you continue to give this store your money? Would you tell your friends about how wonderful this store was, and recommend it to your family?

If this was happening in any other powerful institution, then trust in the organization would be shattered, and everyone would abandon it. However, because this is religion, we’re giving this one a “get out of jail free card”. Well, I say enough. I accuse any individual who still swears allegiance to Catholicism of being part of the mechanism that has led to child abuse. If you’ve ever given the Church even one dime, that is some of the money they have been using to continue to abuse little kids. Each person that trusts this institution needs to take a hard look at themselves. Is it really worth even one child suffering? Can you honestly tell me this vile, corrupt, and sick institution is worthy of being saved? The corruption and stink of evil can never be cleaned. There will always remain a secret fraternity of corrupt men with power who do as they please, content in their belief their actions are divinely ordained, and therefore acceptable. Ratzinger did what he did because he believes the Institution is more important than the countless children who have been raped over the centuries (don’t suddenly think child abuse is anything new for the church).

I don’t care if people believe in Jesus; I honestly don’t. But this is a belief that does not require a gigantic, sick, twisted organization like the Roman Catholic Church to exist. You can have Jesus in your heart and mind without the need for Bishops, Cardinals, and Popes. So long as you abandon your allegiance to this institution, I have no beef with you. Any minute you give these people money, you are allowing this to go on. No amount of ‘cleanup’ will ever expose the people involved, nor will it ever completely stop the abuse that is happening, and that will happen in the future. This institution needs to go the way of the dodo bird, and with this final revelation of just how high the corruption extends, you now have final proof of just how rotten the Catholic Church truly is. I personally feel sick to my stomach, and any mild amount of tolerance or even respect that I may have had is eroded. These monsters have declared war on our children, our laws, and our morality with impunity. We should not let this go unpunished.

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    I can’t believe more isn’t being done about this! While I agree with you Jake, you do sound a little PMSy.

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    Jacob Fortin

    well, i just think it’s time to stop beating around the bush about these guys. They took it too far already, and this is just the cherry on this shit sundae

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    I grew up Catholic and worked for the Church for several years. I can tell you that all the priests are abusive in some way. The child molesters are by far the most seriously flawed, but everyone of the priests I met while working for the Church is hiding there because his personal demons keep him from functioning in normal society.
    The Church has desecrated the teachings of Jesus to created a sanctuary for misfits and molesters.

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    It’s like the biggest betrayal of trust there is. Although I wouldn’t give the church money for the moral reasons you mentioned I’d also be reluctant to go if I had kids because of the history there. If it was Dicky Dawkins or Christopher Hitchens they would be massacred along with many uninvolved atheists. Catholicism really sucks.

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    Joe Botelho

    i like how you said it’s time to STOP beating around the bush. might that be because you hate bush(pussy, vagina) and love penis?

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    The Catholic church has always been, and always will continue to be, evil and sinister.
    You’ve got the child molestations but also the cover ups. There are also connections to the Nazis (they helped shelter Nazi criminals from WWII and the current pope used to be in the Junior Nazi league). Another rather unpleasant thing the Catholic church has done is spread rumours in Africa that condoms do not help prevent the spread of HIV / AIDs.
    I was born a Catholic, though I lost any small amount of belief I may have had at a fairly early age.

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    To Marcia: I grew up atheist (and am still atheist) but in a funny little twist of fate have been working for the Catholic Church for nearly 10 years now. To say that ALL priests are abusive in some way is totally ridiculous. That is like saying all atheists are amoral people, all Irish people are drunks, all black people are criminals, etc. It’s just simply not true.

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    ChatNoir: It’s true. Only most Irish people are drunks.

    Frankly, there’s NOTHING that will break some people’s affiliation to the catholic church. They’ve been through so many horrors and stayed, what are some “bad apples” going to do? Even a bad apple pope. Either they’ll bury it or some token effort at “reform” will be made. That’s all. The church membership may not grow as fast, or at all, it even may shrink. But it will still be a massive institution. There’s going to have to be TEN horrifying abominations like this before any serious damage is done. This year.

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