The real naughty list

There’s a secretive branch of the Catholic church’s court called the Apostolic Penitentiary that has everyone talking these days. It dates back to the 11th century, and oversees issues involving the forgiveness of serious sin. Since Catholicism places so much importance on the forgiveness of sin, there had to be a list of the worst ones, and who could forgive them.

Since this is a fairly ancient organization, the crimes we now view as horrible in today’s society just aren’t considered very important. The sins of murder and even genocide don’t even make the cut, so they can be handled by regular priests and bishops. It’s the sins of taking part in an abortion, abusing the confidentiality of confession, a priest having sex with someone and then offering forgiveness for the act, and the desecrating the Eucharist are the most serious offenses imaginable.

This list is so fucking weak it’s hard to believe it’s not some April Fool’s joke or something. The fact they consider spitting on a tiny piece of bread worst than the killing of an entire people literally enrages me. If your religion can’t even put its priorities straight, what the hell kind of belief system do you have here? Quaint little rituals and myths have no business being considered more egregious than murder, genocide, rape, or torture. I think it’s time these guys stopped running around playing dress up and started focusing on the real problems in the world. A blogger putting a rusty nail through a holy cracker seems like hardly something worth making much of a fuss over. Did they suddenly forget there are all kinds of atrocities going on in different parts of the globe?

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