Sucks to live in Alaska

Ryan sent me this link from The Daily Dish, which I found more than a little disturbing. It’s a lawsuit brought on by 35 people who were abused by their priests and are suing the Catholic Church for using their remote villages as a dumping ground for pedophiles. The suit numbers over 300 victims, the majority of which happened between the 1960s and 70s. It seems as though these locations were targeted because the native populations who live there usually kept silent about these types of priestly ‘indiscretions’.

I’m a big fan of the show Family Guy, but if I found out Seth MacFarlane was a child molester, and his entourage had failed to report his abuse of children to the police, you can bet I wouldn’t watch his show anymore. That’s a pretty common reaction people have when they find out an entire organization was complacent in such terrible activities. It boggles my mind, then, how the Catholic Church seems to get an unlimited amount of ‘mulligans’ when it comes to the issue of sexual abuse of children. How many kids need to be molested before people stop going to their ceremonies? Is it just me, or is just one completely unacceptable?

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    I know a catholic, and he’s said that supposedly, when the church finds out about possible abuses, they defrock the priests, and move them to, more a less, a monostary. Which would be fine, if it weren’t for the fact that its a crime to touch a kid in their private no-no spot.

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    Reverend Clint

    At work we use the term “Alaskan” instead of douche bag so people don’t quite know what we mean.

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    No joke, I actually go to a university where a professor/ex-minister got into a really messy situation from having sex with one his students (who was male). It’s like a holy trinity of sex taboos!

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    Joe Botelho

    i wonder if Sarah Pallin knew of this.
    Maybe she got some money for letting them go up there.

    Mmmm Sarah Pallin.

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