What would Jesus eat?

Well, it turns out a biblical scholar wrote a book trying to answer this pointless question, and concluded the diet expounded in the Bible isn’t a very healthy one. He argues that although the Israelites did not consume much meat, they didn’t eat a lot of vegetables and fruit either, and their diet lacked essential vitamins and minerals.

It seems silly to us anyone should really care about this, but his book, What Did the Ancient Israelites Eat?¬†was partially written as a response to some fad diets using the Bible as their primary reference. Those are for the special Christians who really want to believe the ‘Good Book’ gives them a complete guide for every aspect of their lives. So far, it looks like it also fails miserably at educating you about the right foods to eat. What a great guide, eh?

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    That’s not entirely surprising, Aldous Huxley argued that malnutrition was essential to having beatific visions. He basically said that when your brain becomes malnourished it starts seeing all kinds of crazy shit.

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    This reminds me of Hallelujah Acres, a bible based diet website and seminar. You wanna lose weight for Jesus? Fine. My main issue with the site is the testimonial section which features people ranting about how the combination of god and this diet cured their cancer, depression, lupus, and my favorite…IBS. It is a “raw” diet that allows one cooked item per day, and includes supplements that can only be purchased on their divine website.

    The whole operation is actually quite impressive…retreat centers, culinary seminars, health food stores, you can even become a “Health Minister”. They’re making a fortune.

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