PETA launches dumb “Sea Kitten” campaign

Believe it or not, there is a science to cuteness. Sure, when you see a small panda bear, there is a part of you that is compelled to nurture it. The characteristics of animals that we consider cute typically resemble human infants. Konrad Lorenz, a Nobel Prize winning zoologist and animal psychologist, described the phenomenon as a natural instinct that developed in order to allow human beings to develop a strong emotional bond with infants, who require a disproportionately long amount of intricate care compared to other animals.

If you wonder what I mean, see for yourself the reaction most women have towards babies. Even the hardest heart can often melt when a baby squeezes their finger and looks deeply into their eyes. The need to bond and connect with children is something that the majority of us cannot fight.

This emotion is so powerful it can extend to other species that share common facial characteristics with humans. Any species that has juvenile features, such as kittens and puppies, can often trigger the emotions otherwise reserved for humans. In other words, the intense feelings of compassion, love, and affection that are triggered from babies can be hacked by anything exploiting these characteristic.

This is why PETA (people for the ethical treatment of animals) has decided to launch what is perhaps the most ridiculous campaign to make fish seem cute. It’s called the “Sea Kitten” campaign, and is meant associate the cuteness of cats to fish in an attempt to stop us from eating them.

I’d like to point out first how PETA itself is ideologically simplistic, and also state the organization is dishonest in both their tactics and their motivation. They want the liberation of all animals; which means they do not want people owning pets, having guide dogs, or any of the other mutually beneficial relationships humans share with animals. They see it as uniformly bad. If PETA had their way, we would all be living in a Disney like world where singing giraffes and dancing lions all get along and have a wonderful musical. Reality, however, is starkly opposed to the aims of this organization. Animals eat other animals, and life in general is short, cruel, and nasty. If I don’t eat fish, undoubtedly some other organism will. Oceans are always witness to countless genocides. No one there seems to give a shit.

I’ll be honest: I want to see this campaign fail miserably. I resent when cuteness is exploited to sell products, but I resent it even more when it’s used to control the behavior of human beings who have hearts that are bigger than their brain. If you want to argue about conservation issues, then I’m all ears. Rational discussion is needed to protect the oceans, not a fucking campaign about drawing cat faces on a mackerel. Grow up, morons.

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    Reverend Clint

    kitten do nothing for me and especially cat/fish mutants.

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    Never before has my cat looked so delicious…I don’t think I had the intended reaction to this ad.

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    first of all that fish looks stupid, good luck with that campaign. secondly peta is considered by most vegans (myself included) a media whore of an organization that does not represent the views of most of us. i believe that there’s nothing wrong in having the company of a pet as long as you treat him with the respect it deserves and as long as the relationship is mutually beneficiary. i don’t believe in buying pets but that is another different issue.

    that said i totally miss your point in the rest of the post.

    “Animals eat other animals, and life in general is short, cruel, and nasty. If I don’t eat fish, undoubtedly some other organism will. Oceans are always witness to countless genocides. No one there seems to generally give a shit.”

    this a flawed point, other fishes and mamals eat the fish because they have to, to survive. comparing that with the wasteful way that we humans abuse the sea resources is really oversimplifying the issue.

    you wanting the campaign to fail because of such a weak reason is also beyond me, whatever impact this or any other campaign may have will no doubt be positive for the greater good, that you can’t see that really really baffles me.

    anyway, keep up the good work in the site, it’s really coming along nice.

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    Jacob Fortin

    Hey Marcio,

    I think you need to understand that to meat eaters, this is as silly and annoying as someone trying to tell me that peeling carrots is a kind of torture. I have no qualms about eating meat at all. I understand that some people choose not to, but as soon as anyone tells me “it’s wrong to eat meat”, they are entering in an entirely different realm of argument, one they are not likely to win with simple platitudes that animals are suffering from their consumption. For me, that’s simply a childish way of looking at nature. Making kids and adults draw kitten faces on fish is simply insane. There are serious issues that need to be concerned, and using cuteness to cloud the debate makes me sick.

    Thanks for the compliments on the site! We’re working hard to make it a place to visit on a daily basis!

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    Have these idiots forgoten how many creatures besides humans just love to eat sea kittens? SEAGULLS,PELICANS,TERNS,HERSONS,SEALS,BEARS, and BIGGER SEA KITTENS and what about SHARKS?

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