Bigot Pastor slams Travoltas

I get a kick when one religion claims another belief system is totally stupid and illogical. The gargantuan effort of trying to make someone else seem silly when your own beliefs are farcical never ceases to amaze me. It’s akin to saying “that guy’s is freakin’ crazy, man! He eats his poo raw. Everyone knows you have to cook it!”

Brother Harry Hardwick argues that Travolta neglected to seek treatment for his son’s autism, which caused him to have a seizure and die. One wonders how critical he would have been of the Travoltas is they were Christian Scientists who refuse to seek treatment hoping simply that prayer would do the trick. Well, it’s obvious he wouldn’t, since Hardwick thinks the harm here is done by not informing people of the power of the Lord rather than the power of medical science:

Frankly, I refuse to buy into any conspiracy theories because they’re meaningless. Whether they killed him or not, the couple is culpable of a much more serious crime than murder: they raised their son to be a member of a cult rather than a follower of Jesus Christ. Even if you live to be 100, the life you have on earth is but a nanosecond of eternity. Ensuring that your child spends forever in flames is the cruelest of crimes. When any Scientologists, Mormons, Catholics and other cultists brainwash their children into believing the nonsense that is their faiths, they are guilty of the worst form of child abuse. And if a child’s death is in any way connected to one of those religionsÂť or its beliefs, the parents are guilty of reckless homicide.

Now I’m not going to deny the Travoltas fucked up big time. In fact, Scientology has extremely unsound theories about mental and health diseases. Although I don’t question they loved their son, it seems as though their dangerous and uneducated beliefs about health led to the death of poor Jett. Religion here is to blame, but the solution certainly wouldn’t have been switching over to another equally wrong ideology; it would have been to place their trust in the fact medical science is actually based on evidence, rather than simply conjecture. Scientology is not the only religion that denies care to infants out of the stubborn and ignorant protestations from parents. When human beings place their trust in an invisible being rather than each other, the consequences are dire indeed.

I feel sad for the Travoltas, really. They have been denied the pleasure of their son’s company, and he has been deprived of the chance to experience the wonder of life. Brother Hardwick, like any good Christian, has surely as much compassion about it as I do, a lowly atheist, right? Well, here’s what he thinks:

Here, the Travoltas caused their son to suffer a fate far worse than death — eternal torture. For that, they deserve a good-old fashioned stoning, so they can experience for a brief period what Jett will experience forever.

And we’re the bad guys apparently…

**NOTE** It turns out that the site is actually parody. It seems as though I have been a victim of Poe’s Law. Still, although this article is now essentially useless now, it doesn’t change the fact the comments from the parody are almost indistinguishable from real life, or that the Travoltas really fucked up…

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    Brent Rasmussen

    Landover Baptist is one of the longest-running satire/joke sites on the internet.

    It is a farce, a satire, a jibe at Christianity and Evangelical Christians in general. It’s not real, in other words.

    It is hard to tell sometimes though! 🙂

    Google ‘Poe’s Law’.

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