Glad I don’t live here…

I hope most of you guys don’t live anywhere close to the border. And by close, I mean less than 100 miles from it, because apparently, you’re in a “Constitution-Free Zone“. Do me a favor guys. Can you reclaim your country and stop eroding your wonderful founding document please? You’re making your neighbors to the north nervous here.

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    I completely sympathize with anyone who has run into problems with “routine checks” while traveling within these 100-mile borders.

    I live about 50 miles north of Galveston, TX, and I’ve been stopped for routine checks twice now, both times resulting in searches and harassing questions about where I’m going, who I’m going to see, and what my intentions are.

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    joe Botelho

    Freedom isn’t free you godless pussies!

    Besides there just trying to keep out the mexicans to the south of them and the muslims who sneak in from Canada to the north of them.

    Good thing im white and portuguesse.

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    Reverend Clint

    What isn’t said is that the area that’s gray is the brain free zone.

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    It is not a “Constitution-free zone.” It is an area in which immigration patrol tries to weasel the citizens out of its rights, but any person who knows his rights will assert them properly and, quite frankly, will not be harassed any further.

    Most people don’t realize that in those situations, the proper questions are: “Am I being detained?” If they say no or don’t answer the question, repeat yourself, and ask, “Am I free to go?” Believe it or not, people in uniform know the law, and they will suffer the consequences if they choose to break it.

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    Calm down! The citizens of “Real America” are all in the gray. Only the elitist city folk need to give up their liberties and they’re just a bunch of undeserving heathens anyhow.

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