Happy New Year!

Well, the Holidays are finally over, and after my hangover cures, it’s back to work for your favorite Good Atheist! 2008 was a landmark year for me; I quit my job to work full time on blogging (not this site, but rather this one). This year, I plan on submitting my book to various publishing agencies, as the podcast is about to hit 100,000 downloads in a few weeks. It’s a pretty big achievement, and I have all of you to thank for it. You guys are helping my dream come true, and for that, I’m grateful.

Speaking of radio shows, if you haven’t submitted any questions or comments for the Year in Review show, please do so now! This is no time to get shy. If there’s anything you want me to address, now is the time!

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    joe botelho

    Happy New year jacob and the other guy.
    You must be in cloud 9 blogging full time about sweaty, muscled, nearly naked men rolling around and grabbing each other.
    Well i guess you didnt learn a thing from jeff jones because staying in the closet has harmful effects on a person.

    hears to another great year of athiesm and to men who live with cats and other men while watching muscled men “choke” each and still wondering why people think there gay.

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