Article on abstinence teaches nothing new

I hate articles that regurgitate news anyone with half a brain already knows. Is it surprising study after study of teen sex always comes up with statistics showing there is no difference in premarital found between kids who are taught sex ed and those who are taught abstinence? No, of course not. Is it shocking kids without sex ed are less likely to use any form of birth control or protection? Nope. And yet, they still ‘teach’ this garbage in schools hoping somehow kids will abstain from having sexual relations, completely ignoring the fact these raging bags of hormones find it difficult to avoid the temptation to play with themselves several times a day, let alone invite anyone to the fun.

Kids like sex. They want it. They crave it. Everything about their biology is inclined to try and get it. Yet somehow, a religiously motivated cretin thinks a promise and a shitty ring is enough to keep their hands off each other. It’s time we stopped living in fantasy land and take a pragmatic approach to the issue. There is nothing anyone can do to prevent teens from having sex. Most of the Western World has already acknowledged this. But the US is a special place; they fight wars against windmills, believing prohibitionism in all forms is the only way of curbing the natural vices of people. The problem is, of course, that morality is a private thing, and cannot be policed.

Guys, get real about teaching sex ed in high school. Abstinence is nothing more than religiously mandated classes, and any country that takes the separation of church and state seriously would make mincemeat out of it. The US has a shamefully high rate of teen pregnancies and drop out rates shared only by developing nations. Let’s get real here, shall we?

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    Reverend Clint

    When will people understand that no matter what people will do stuff that other people say is wrong… its a damn law of nature

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    The US has a shameful record of separation between church and state, period. It’s ridiculous that a nation with secular ideals actually written into the constitution has more problems with this kind of shit than nations that still have an official state church (I’m looking at you, Germany).

    Obama’s selection of Rick Warren to pray at his historic inauguration is just one more example of slapping the establishment clause in the face.

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    John F

    I didn’t teach my kids abstinence, but the truth. The only way to not get pregnant is to not have sex. The only way to not get an STD is to not have sex. Period. Birth control pills, condoms, foam, gel, etc. all have risks associated with them.

    I also taught them that waiting until one gets married is the wrong thing to do, sex is too important to wait until after being married to find out. But, it is also not important enough to base a relationship on it.

    There is nothing wrong with teaching kids to WAIT to have sex because of the risks associated with it, no matter what the moral values are. There is also nothing wrong with teachings kids the proper way to use birth control and barriers, all the while making sure they understand that nothing is 100%. I have two kids as proof birth control doesn’t work. And I made sure they both knew that it made no difference to me they were accidents, they were loved just the same.

    While I don’t think they are virgins, I also know they didn’t go out having promiscuous sex ‘because they couldn’t control themselves’. There is nothing wrong with helping kids gain control by educating them.

    And that includes telling them that sex can wait.

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    joe botelho

    i have been using condoms my whole life and they work great. My wife was on the pill and that worked perfectly too, so what am getting at is do you know how to use birth control John f?
    ” I have two kids as proof birth control doesn’t work. And I made sure they both knew that it made no difference to me they were accidents, they were loved just the same.”
    WHAT? Here’s an idea why not just leave the accident part out. Well hopefully your kids actually read the insrtuions and use birth control properly.

    P.S. Jacob dont worry you cant get prego from having gay man love.

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