The biggest legacy of the Bush years

The Bush presidency has been a disaster. Perhaps there are some of you who believe somehow, history will vindicate this man, but it is as clear to me today as it will be in 50 years; President Bush was the worst president in the history of the United States of America.

It could be the fact his government was involved in perhaps the biggest scam in the world by convincing their blood drunk populace that Iraq was responsible for 9/11. It could have been the general incompetence and cronyism that led to the Katrina disaster, or the fact no other president has ever overseen such an unprecedented debt increase in the country’s history. Yes, these are all very serious charges, all made worse by the fact the US is in the worst recession since the Great Depression.

I want to put aside the fact money being pumped into corporations without proper oversight represents a watershed moment in US history, since there is still a chance that with his departure, there may be changes on the horizon. No, the real legacy Bush brings to American politics is the division he managed to create, and the anti-intellectual crusade that will resonate for generations after his departure.

How frightening is this world when one of the most incompetent and ignorant candidates ever to enter politics survives on the premise that he is one of the ‘common people’? President Bush managed to convince the American public that he wasn’t elitist, despite the obvious fact he has always been rich, and his entry in politics was a nepotistic affair. His general stupidity and lack of eloquence was seen as some form of quality. This opened the door to so many other incompetent candidates it now appears a person’s intelligence and skill seems less important than how well the general public can ‘relate’ to them. How popular was Sarah Palin, who is, without a doubt, perhaps one of the most ignorant and uneducated politicians of all time? How close was this person from the White House?

There’s a reason the office is usually held in such high regard. The fact that one human being carries with them the ability to eradicate the entire population of the Earth with a single button push is not a responsibility to be taken lightly. And yet, the mistrust of intelligence, reason, and education is now rampant. If you’re smart, you’re branded as an elitist.

This legacy will have consequences in the long term future, unless there is a movement to counter this attitude. Stupidity is nothing to be proud of, and it is not a state of mind but rather a lack of education. All humans possess the ability to be intelligent and thoughtful, but for some, it can be harder than others. If we continue the Bush tradition of being proud of ignorance, it may set the wheels in motion to our eventual destruction. That’s not a legacy anyone glorify.

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    I agree with you Bush was terrible.

    I am glad America choose another Christian to be president, even though I disagree with him on many things. Ok mainly just one thing, abortion.

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    Jake, you’re preaching to the converted here (no pun intended). Keep the articles and podcasts coming. They’re an addiction I can afford.

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    Josh Nankivel

    Todd, what EXACTLY does the fact that someone is “Christian” do to convince you of their qualifications to hold public office? Please explain why you are glad “America choose another Christian to be president”

    The false appeal to authority or competency because someone is in your “in group” is really something we have to get over. Seriously. We elect morons like Bush this way.

    Josh Nankivel

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    Nothing. It was a joke, a jab.

    I don’t think Bush was qualified and he says he is a Christian. But most non Christians hate him.

    I don’t know if Obama is qualified and he says he is a Christian. Bur most non Christians love him.

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    Joe Botelho

    The sad fact is that the Bush family has money and power, enough of both to make sure his and his fathers legacy will not be tarnished. Josh is right, he is a moron and like the rest of his american brothers and sisters they will continue to be morons and wish to be as fucking awesome as us Canadains, especally Portuguesse Canadains!!!!!

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    Gosh, you know, you really can’t get enough good advice from Canadians. If we could just get rid of Bush and his cronies there would be no more hurricanes. Yay! Oh wait, I get it. It’s hyperbole. A literary device. You might want to check the subject/pronoun agreement errors though. If Bush wrote this, people would call him a moron because he doesn’t understand basic English grammar.

    You’ve got a couple of “Bushisms” in there Jacob, yuk yuk!

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    Norm Kruse

    Obama is not a christian!!! Obama is not even religious. The whole thing is a required act in order to assume power and to enable him to make the necessary changes to make fat and stupid America fit and charmed.

    O—-bama mama, me my mo mama!!!

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