Religious people are easily frightened

TGA reader Ben sent me this link. It’s from a Australian news site, and deals with the issue of having secular ethics as an option for primary school parents. Seems as though the staff and parents aren’t too pleased about it:

Research director Jenny Stokes said: “If you go there, where do you stop? What about witchcraft or Satanism? If you accredit humanism, then those things would have an equal claim to be taught in schools.”

I’m not a big expert on just what goes down under, so these stories generally baffle me. You would think trying to teach kids about ethics without a higher power was as dangerous as throwing a can of gasoline on an open flame. Last time I checked, everyone I knew who learned about civics in class didn’t end up being morally psychotic or wanting to sell his soul to Satan. Lighten up, guys.

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