Mugabe claims cholera outbreak is contained

Zimbabwe is in trouble. Not only is the country suffering from hyper inflation (they printed a 50 billion dollar note a few months ago), but it’s also in the grips of an epidemic of cholera. The World Health Organization estimates roughly 15,000 people are infected, and 700 have already died. The outbreak is leading many to flee to South Africa, but they in turn are not quarantining any of the refugees, which means infections may dramatically increase unless something is done fast.

The solution for President Mugabe has been to go on record saying the disease has been contained, and all is well. Yes, rather than do anything to help his population, he is basically ignoring the problem.

There are many failed states in Africa, but few are as tragic as Zimbabwe these days. A big part of the reason is the callousness and sheer monstrosity of Mugabe, who rigs elections, robs his country, and uses violence to secure power. The situation will continue to deteriorate so long as the international community continues to support his regime.

I lament the way we ignore Africa in general. The continent is in dire need of help, and all we do is lend them money at extortionist prices. Africa is a reminder international cooperation is still only a pipe dream. The victims are the millions dying of AIDS, and now cholera in the third world. The suffering of these poor people is all of our shame.

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