Grumpy old man claims global warming is a hoax

Here’s an amusing / frustrating video of Weather Channel founder John Coleman trying his best to blast global warming. He’s concerned about how ‘upset’ people are, as though being worried about the environment is slowly killing people’s souls. He also believes things are just fine, and there is no need for concern. It seems his biggest proof is simply that the polar icecaps are not going to melt, despite clear evidence melting in Greenland is increasing, and the Antarctic ice sheets are retreating further every year.

I find these old guys who claim they are scientists but who don’t bother providing compelling evidence to the contrary simply annoying. He points out the only reason there is scientific consensus is because of hype and the duplicity of the scientific community who have a ‘vested interest’ in promoting global warming. While it could be true for some, it’s just not how science works in general. It’s the same argument that Intelligent Design advocates use, and it’s just as effective. As for the consequences, it’s true we don’t yet know what the effects of global warming are, but it certainly seems foolish to believe, as this man does, that there will be none whatsoever.

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    wow, that guy is full of shit. he’s “my” local weatherman from way back.

    “things are doing just fine”?

    20 years from today, he’ll be dead.

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    Charles Norville

    I won’t be dead and John Coleman is not grumpy, he is not “full of shit” he is putting his arguments contructively. Fairly rough justice people.

    There is no scientific evidence that the poles or greenland are going to melt to any great degree.

    If you carbon sprukers want to buy carbon shares, go right ahead, the guys on Wall Street will guide you. Hmm although they’re a little busy at the moment saving their own arses.

    Humans will run out of food and clean water before the oceans rise one cm, maybe you’ll be dead. We need to focus on the population scenario.

    Get “the great global warming swindle”. It will open your minds.

    Al Gore’s CO2/heat graph was, on finer inspection established that CO2 increases follows the heating of oceans and dos NOT CAUSE heating. Warmer water releases gases.

    There is 1000 times more water vapour than CO2 and water vapour is a far better greenhouse gas than CO2. What do clouds do? Clouds shield the earth from the sun’s rays.

    It won’t take 20 years to prove global warming is a swindle. Wait till wheat crops fail in Canada due to cooling, maybe less than two years.

    However I would agree that burning fossil fuels are a fairly primitive engineering, which by the way will become redundant in 20 years anyway.

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