I knew it, Christmas IS evil!

More on the War on Christmas, and this time, it’s not coming from us filthy atheists. Anjem Choudary is a Muslim chairman for the Society of Muslim Lawyers, and preaches on the corrupt influence Christmas apparently has on Muslims. Now it’s one thing to dislike a holiday, but it’s another entirely to decree yuletide festivities are a ‘pathway to hellfire’.

You gotta love these brimstone and hellfire guys. They really love to rub hell in everyone’s face. Apparently, having a little bit of turkey on the 25th is something that Allah cannot tolerate. This is a God with an inferiority complex at the thought of anyone celebrating any other deity but him.

The thing that always gets me about the War on Christmas is just how sensitive all these religious people are. If I had a firm belief in the absolute truth of my God, I wouldn’t worry too much about other religions. Surely if I have the truth, my chosen Deity can fully intervene and show these infidels just who they are messing with. A little celebration, be it Christmas, Ramadan, or Yom Kippur certainly wouldn’t give me much pause; after all, I’m one of the chosen people, right?

What’s funny in all of this is Muslims actually believe in the historical Jesus. The only major difference is they believe he was a great prophet and not a God. Seems to me there’s no reason they couldn’t simply make a few of their own alterations to the celebration and not feel completely left out of all the fun. Because you know something; at the end of the day, celebrating the winter solstice with your friends, your neighbors, and your family is a pretty awesome thing. Not being able to participate because some asshole tells you that you’ll burn in hell forever puts a damper on things, doesn’t it?

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