Misleading title: Osama Bin Lego

As a kid, I loved my Lego collection. I find the whole idea behind those little blocks to be pure genius. It stimulates creativity, and it also makes up for the fact that when you don’t get a lot of presents each year you can at least build your own. So it doesn’t surprise me at all when someone tries to capitalize on my nostalgia for a few bucks. Enter this little fellow, who is an obvious cheap attempt to get a few laughs.

The title suggests┬áthere is something misleading here, and the answer is simply this figurine is not a Lego doll, but rather manufactured by a company called BrickArms, which is in the business of making stupid and offensive Lego ripoffs. It also has a Santa with a sled full of guns that says “God Bless America”. The real story here is how every news outlet that picked this up put ‘Lego’ in their title and then only later mentioned that the manufacturer is in no way affiliated with the company. Sure, it’s a common nomenclature to call building blocks ‘Lego’, but I find it’s only sensationalism meant to elicit reactions. The doll is stupid and pointless; let’s not give these guys any more airtime, shall we?

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