Chuck Norris roundhouse kicks the Constitution

I used to laugh at the whole ‘Chuck Norris facts’ stuff, until I read one of his insane blog posts where he maintains the Founding Fathers of America wanted their country to follow Christian principles and doctrines. Not only is this blatantly false, it’s completely dishonest. Most of these guys were deists. Thomas Paine wrote a book called The Age of Reason¬†which basically tore Christianity a new anus. Even Jefferson wrote his own version of the Bible which kept only the moral teachings he felt were important. Let’s just say it’s a slim read.

Now Chuck Norris wants Bible taught as a mandatory class in all public schools. How about not. He should go back to doing what he knows best: cheesy television shows whose plots revolve around him roundhouse kicking some bad guy in the face.

Hot wife though. Crazy, but hot. Also, check these fun facts out.

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