Careful what you wish for, Christian Soldier!

The ‘War on Christmas’ is making everyone who fights for the promulgation of Christianity a little bit crazy. The latest story comes from Washington State, where a lawsuit was filed that allows distinct religious symbols to be displayed. After a bunch of Christians and Jews put up their decorations, it’s now the turn of atheists to display their faith, and they have erected a sign that says There is no God, and myth and superstition harden hearts and enslave minds.

Not everyone thinks this is hilarious, but personally, I find this hysterical. Sure, it’s stupid that a government building is even entangled in this kind of mess, and it violates the whole concept of the separation of church and state. At the same time, however, I think this kind of action is going to teach people a valuable lesson; if they open up the door to religion, you’re inviting in trouble that has no business being there in the first place. Personally, I would have loved to see an atheist sign that was even more offensive, but hey, that’s just me. In general, I think Americans need to chill the fuck out and accept that their country is multicultural, and isn’t obliged to follow the religious tradition of the majority. That’s precisely WHY most immigrants want to move there; so they can avoid the brutal tyranny of their native lands and be allowed to pursue their own interests. In truth, every Christian who cries foul at the phrase “Happy Holidays” is in reality a bigot who is entirely disinterested in a heterogeneous culture, and wishes instead for their country to be a white, Christian, homogeneous nation. Their racism is disguised as religious sensitivity, but I think deep down we all see what’s going on here.

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