Al-Qaeda is hilariously out of touch

People who live in a bubble of delusion have a difficult time getting in touch with reality. Michael Jackson is the poster boy for delusion; this was the same man whose home was called ‘Neverland’, and who arrived at the Grammy Awards with a 12 year old boy as a date. In order for Mike to find redemption and hopefully lose his leper status, he’s decided to convert to Islam, and Al-Qaeda sees this as a sign that the West will convert to their nutty religion.

“Initial reports are already filtering through that Al-Qaeda has warmly welcomed Michael Jackson into their faith ‘as they would any sincere new adherent’ and are confident that this high profile conversion will prove to be the turning point whereby millions of young Americans, already disillusioned by the economic crisis that is sapping Americas confidence will turn to the Qur’an for inspiration.”

I’m unhappy that the damaged US economy threatens my livelihood as a blogger, but like 99.9% of the population, I’m not feeling particularly eager to question my beliefs. Even if I was, with the infinite amount of wacky religions out there, the odds of anyone finding comfort and solace in the Qur’an seems to me highly unlikely. I suppose when you live in a cave, you’ve lost touch with reality a little.

Jackson’s conversion isn’t an indication the West is only moments way from complete religious conversion; it’s just part of Michael’s continued assault on reason and good sense.

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