Priest wants you to repent for voting Obama

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard of religious figures using their influence to promote their political agenda, but it certainly is unique that Father Newman asked his parishioners to repent if they voted for Obama. He’s been able to get away with this by citing Obama’s pro-choice policy as the reason for his discontent. It’s a divisive thing to do, and I hope the people of Greenville, South Carolina kick his ass to the curb.

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    When are priests who were raping children, or knew about it and said nothing going to be locked up? NEVER, they are above all that. Morality is for the laity. They are thus ill-equipped to speak on morality.

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    The Other Jacob Fortin

    Politics and Religion should not mix and for good reason. The Catholic Church used to have the power to force your political views and they’ve never forgotten that power.

    Stating that one’s vote was sinful, that’s immoral and irreponsible.

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