The LA Times believes Digg has an atheist agenda

I frequently use I’ll admit I am partial to the left wing slant most of the articles seem to have, but if I am to believe the LA Times, the site has some kind of atheist agenda.

Call me crazy, but since when has expressing your opinions become equivalent to trying to spark a revolution? Yes, it’s true a large proportion of Digg users appear to be atheists, but so what? Is it some dark agenda, or more symptomatic of the type of people it attracts (technically minded young people who turn out to be, you guessed it, mostly non-religious)?

Here’s a quote from someone they interviewed for the piece that shows just how poorly researched and thought out this whole article is:

“Just as religious people want to convert people to their perspective, atheist people want to convert people to their point of view,” Winston said. “The irony here is that atheism is a form of religion. You’re still in something.” – Diane Winston, professor of media and religion at the University of Southern California

I guess this goes to show even a professor of religion can still be pretty damn clueless as to what atheism actually is. So, if religion means being ‘into something’, does this signify my love affair with Pink Floyd means I’m part of a cult or something? Shit, I better be more careful! Last year I was part of a softball team, without realizing it’s actually a religion.

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    Reverend Clint

    My question si so what if digg does? Fix News has its retarded slant and more than 75% of the internet follows its own slant.

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    I’m not sure I will ever invest my 50 cents in a copy of the LA times ever again… “La Opinion” here I come… Or I’ll have to find a news stand and get the San Francisco paper maybe.

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