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A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about how bigotry, homophobia, and racism are often hidden in plain sight, often under the guise of religious faith. This video should galvanize any American to take the issue of Prop.8 very seriously, and how religion is attempting to usurp the rights of others in order to fulfill their dogmatic convictions.

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    Josh Nankivel

    It never ceases to amaze me how dogmatic people can delude themselves into believing they are taking the moral high ground on an issue, when they are actually pushing a bigoted agenda to strip liberty away from others.

    It also never ceases to disgust me.

    By its very nature, dogma will always take away liberty from someone where it is enforced. Sometimes it’s others who don’t fit the mold. Sometimes it’s the believer themselves. Most of the time, it’s both.

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    I feel guilty saying this, but I thought the guys voice was great! He should get a job commentating on wrestling, surely?

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    Wow. Sickening. I hate how people who are yes on 8 never mention how they’re taking away rights, but rather how they’re ‘protecting’ marriage. I really don’t see what they’re protecting it from. Nutballs, the lot of them.

    I almost wish I lived in an undecided state, just so my vote would make more of a difference, but I think I would go a little nuts. Thank goodness New York is a blue state.

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    Norm K

    Marriage is meaningless. I don’t get much our of marriage but I do get alot out of committing to my wife. If two people, gay or straight, have a relationship that works for both of them, who can argue with that.

    As long a the masses are so fucking undereducated, as long as they live in a shallow society from which they cannot eke any meaning, this bullshit will continue.

    I don’t know what the hell these assholes are trying to save us from.

    Cheers, Norm

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